Know someone that got a job because they had a friend of a friend? Be that someone. We show you how your current friend list connects you to the companies and jobs you want. So when you’re ready to apply, you can have a foot, or two, in the door.

We're reinventing the resume. A reference is worth a thousand words. Which is why we make it easy to give references and focus these recommendations.

On BeKnown, you're in control of your network.

Many careerists have shared concerns about conducting their professional networking and job search on Facebook due to the more social nature of the network and in some cases. As a result, they have done everything from censoring their profile photos and details, hiding their Facebook profiles from non-friends with increased privacy controls, and even creating separate Facebook pages for their professional selves.

With BeKnown, these concerns are no longer an issue and such counter efforts are no longer necessary. BeKnown is an app that brings the power of professional brand building, career networking and job searching to Facebook while simultaneously keeping them as separate from your social profile, connections and activities as you feel comfortable.


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